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Weevil traps home depot

Advanced Search Search Tips. If you ever had whitish worms crawling up walls and across the ceiling in a kitchen or food storage area, chances were excellent they were indianmeal moth larvae, one of the more common stored product pests.

Other common stored product pests include cigarette beetles, drugstore beetles, flour beetles and saw-toothed grain beetles. Grain moth larvae can be found in any type of grain, nut, fruit or cereal product. Indian-meal moth larvae and adults. Infested products can include bird seed, peanuts, pecans, dog food, candy, macaroni, breakfast cereal, corn meal, dried beans, etc. It is common to find drugstore and other beetles and weevils in the same infested food as the moth larvae.

Eliminate the source. All potential sources of food for the moths should be either discarded, cooked, frozen, or placed inside an air tight container zip lock bags are not airtight.

Buy your saw-toothed grain beetle control products right here:. Invader aerosol Moth traps. All prices are in USD. Please wait Search Advanced Search Search Tips. Home Pests Insect Pests Weevils. This will provide a good residual for any future emerging worms. Repeat this step in 2 weeks.

These traps will catch the adult moths before they can lay eggs and re-infest another food product. The traps contain no poison of any kind. They are nothing more than a glue board and a sex pheromone pill placed inside. As soon as the adults emerge from the cocoon they will head straight for the moth trap.There are many pantry pests which can infest homes and businesses. Though Meal Moths, Grain Beetles and Flour Beetles are very common, Weevils are just as likely to be the unwanted insect in such areas.

Weevils are small and easy to kill, but they can complete their life cycle quickly.

weevil traps home depot

Adult females will start laying eggs almost immediately so once you have some activity in a structure, it is sure to blossom into a problem which will need attention. Found throughout the world, Weevils are a pest which can be controlled like many other pantry pests. Find the route of entry, discard infested food or belongings and treat with both residual insecticides and traps. They are mostly brown to black in color and can have spots on their thorax and abdomen.

Weevils can be found eating just about anything in the home. More common food stuff they like include seeds of all types, dried beans, cotton, nuts, cereal, any wheat product, corn, flour, pasta, bread and other grain products found in any home. Weevils will readily feed on cotton fabric found in furniture and clothing.

Since they love dried flowers and plants, decorative ornaments found in the home such are wreathes and dried flower arrangements can harbor and feed local populations. It is not uncommon to find them living in or on Christmas ornaments, dried flower collections and stored clothing.

Furthermore, adults love apples, pears, grapes and other fruits found in and around homes. Weevils start their life as a small caterpillar like larva which hatches on some type of food like rice, seed or nut. Eggs will hatch within a couple of days of being laid and feed immediately. Feeding will occur for weeks and then larva will spin a cocoon in which they will pupate to an adult. Pupation takes about 1 week at which time adults will emerge.

How To Get Rid of Weevils: Tips To Purge These Pantry Pests

Weevils present more of a nuisance than some other pantry pests because adults feed just as much as their larva preferring a wider range of things to eat. Since adults fly well and are small, rice weevils can move throughout the home easily finding all kinds of things to eat.

Adult females wills start laying eggs within 3 days of emerging from their pupa cocoons. Most will lay eggs during their month life span. Since rice weevils can grow from egg to egg laying adult in less than one month, they can be a formidable foe in and around the home.

First, empty all cabinets, shelves and closets where they have been seen or thought to exist. Any food stuff which has them active must be discarded in sealed plastic bags. This will help contain them until the garbage is picked up.

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If you are not sure if something has activity, store it in a plastic bag and check it once a week. If there are weevils in it they will try to get out within a few weeks. If any are found, throw the item away immediately. Probably not. We always suggest that you first vacuum of all the closets, shelves, cupboards, pantries and baseboards about to be sprayed.

This definitely will remove eggs which are too small for the eye to see. Weevils lay eggs with a glue like excretion which helps to attach them to surfaces where food is likely to be available.Certain product categories and brands are not eligible for promotional discounts or coupons.

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weevil traps home depot

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Buy any three qualifying Milwaukee Packout item, orget a Milwaukee Packout Dolly for free. Limit 1. Must add qualifying drill and driver kit to cart to qualify. Buy a Bona Oz.It happens to the best of us: You aspire to bake some cookies, reach for the flour, and then realize it's moving.

Welcome to weevils, tiny pests that can infiltrate a host of food products like rice, flour, and other grains. And unless you watch out, they may take over your entire pantry!

So, in case you have your own close encounter one day, here's more info on what weevils are, whether or not they're dangerous, and how to get rid of weevils and keep them at bay. Weevils are a group of beetles that are distinguished by their elongated snouts.

Although they're most often found noshing on food products, they sometimes also feed on clothing in your closet or furniture.

He says these weevil species lay their eggs in corn, wheat, oats, barley, or other grains. A single larva will develop and pupate within a six-week period. New adults that emerge from the grain kernel will mate and seek out more grain kernels to lay eggs in, continuing the cycle. Adults live for about six months. Odds are high that a weevil-ridden batch of flour is pretty much ruined, unless you enjoy eating these little critters. And even if your food is in bags or packages, that doesn't mean it's safe.

And they can spread fast.

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Weevils can be found in all parts of the country because they are found in stored products, and those products are shipped all over the country. And you might not even be able to see them. So, what if you gulp accidentally eat some weevils? And unfortunately, the chances that you have unwittingly ingested them at some point in your life are unappetizingly high.

Just consider it a bit of extra protein. Insecticide isn't recommended for control of weevil infestations in home pantries, but preventing and eliminating them is fairly simple.

Here are some tips:. Most Popular. What are weevils? Today's Picks. Deshaun Watson has asked the Texans to trade him. TikTok user breaks down environmental racism in Harris County.Give us a call: Weevil traps come in a variety of styles and they can be used in several ways. Many weevil traps use pheromone to attract any weevils that are in the area. The pheromone is a scent that is similar to a scent that the weevils produce naturally. The smell of the pheromone tricks weevils into gathering at the trap.

Since many weevils attack plants, farmers often use weevil traps in their fields. The traps tell the farmers when weevils are invading the fields. The farmers only need to apply insecticide when the weevil population gets large enough to cause damage to the crop.

This reduces the cost of growing the crop and avoids unnecessary insecticide applications. The cotton boll weevil eradication program uses weevil traps in cotton fields. There are also traps for pecan weevils, plum curculios, white pine weevils and other crop-damaging weevils.

Traps for stored product weevils also use pheromones. These traps attract rice weevils, granary weevils and the various bean weevils. These traps are used in grain storage facilities, warehouses, grocery stores and food processing plants. The weevils that invade homes come to find shelter during harsh weather.

When they invade, they often come in great numbers.

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Many homeowners use a vacuum cleaner to remove large numbers of weevils from the walls and windowsills. However, some of the weevils find hiding places. The A.

Weevil traps are effective tools to monitor for weevil activity but will not control a weevil infestation. The traps will also show if any other pests have made their way into your home. For more information or to schedule an inspection, please contact your local Orkin branch office. Share: Facebook Twitter Email. Find Your Local Branch Enter a zip code below to view local branches. Having trouble with Pests? Give us a call: Or schedule an appointment:. Full Name. Termite Zip.JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser.

You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. The spotted lanternfly SLF is an invasive insect that feeds on grapevines and trees. There are a variety of options for SLF management, but one way to kill a lot of SLF without using insecticides is to trap them.

The immature lanternflies called nymphs are often blown out of the canopy of the trees where they are feeding.

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Nymphs then walk to the trunk of trees and climb back up to start feeding again. We can take advantage of this predictable behavior of the nymphs by using traps to catch them as they climb up trees. Many people in SLF infested areas have been using sticky bands wrapped around trees to capture nymphs. While this method can successfully capture many SLF nymphs it can also unfortunately occasionally capture birds and other creatures.

If you are planning to use sticky bands this year, you should build a raised guard of wire or screening around the band to prevent other creatures from getting stuck on them. Recent research has shown that an entirely different kind of type of trap is also very effective and can dramatically reduce the chances of capturing other creatures. This new style trap is made of plastic-coated insect screening and does not use any sticky material at all. It is basically a tunnel that SLFs walk into.

When they move upward in the trap, they end up in a dead-end collection container where they die. Currently, you can purchase this type of trap made specifically for SLF from one commercial source. Some people have been modifying similar commercially available traps designed for other insects to catch SLF. Other people have been making their own SLF traps from scratch. This type of trap was originally designed to collect pecan weevils that also climb up the trunks of trees.

They can be purchased commercially search for circle weevil traps. Pecan weevils are quite small, and the design of the pecan weevil trap can be modified to include a larger collection container to allow capture of high numbers of SLF. The collection container can be a repurposed item such as a clean peanut butter jar or even a sturdy plastic bag.

A sturdy plastic bag that can be removed and replaced with a fresh one is a good way to go because you do not have to empty a container of rotting, stinky, dead insects.

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It also allows you to replace the old, dirty bag with a clean bag that will transmit daylight. SLF tend to move upward towards the light. Additionally, bags will begin to tip over as they get full, moving captured insects away from the entry port, which keeps the area free so more SLF can crawl in. Some creative people have built similar traps and have devised a range of methods that work.

Building these traps is a good project for anyone who wants to destroy SLF, save money by using materials they might already have on hand and practice their engineering skills.

weevil traps home depot

You can use the trap on any infested tree. Nymphs of SLF are often found on Ailanthus altissima, commonly known as tree of heaven.Homeowners with spotted lanternfly infestations have a new tool to fight the invasive insects.

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Spotted lanternfly circle traps, which can be bought online or made at home, are essentially mesh wrapped around a tree that guides upward-climbing lanternflies into a bag or container, where they get trapped and die. The circle traps offer homeowners a nonchemical alternative to sticky tape, which has come under fire in recent years for sometimes catching birds and mammals, as well as benign insects, along with their intended lanternfly targets. She said sticky tape can still work, but people who use it should put a barrier around it to reduce bycatch.

The circle trap is now recommended by researchers to catch the invasive insects, which came to Berks County from Asia in The insects damage plants both by feeding on them and by excreting a sticky-sweet substance called honeydew that leads to mold. People can make their own circle traps with several household items, including milk jugs, wire screen, wire, a plastic bag and tape. People can also get creative with the trap on their own.

The traps are effective because lanternfly nymphs — young lanternflies without the signature pink and brown spotted wings — typically feed on the upper parts of trees. At some point, they fall to the ground and then are compelled to climb back up the tree.

Similar style traps are used on pecan farms to catch the pecan weevil, Swackhamer said. The weevils are smaller insects, though, so the container to trap lanternflies needed to be bigger. Swackhamer prefers to have the circle trap lead the lanternflies into plastic bags, which she can collect and then just throw out and replace. Homeowners have a variety of options to get rid of lanternfly infestations. In addition to circle traps and sticky tape, there are chemical options.

Those that are easier on the environment include neem oil and insecticidal soaps. Treatment recommendations can be found on the Penn State Extension website. Small populations can be squished. Large populations congregating around a specific tree can be trapped. Morning Call reporter Michelle Merlin can be reached at or at mmerlin mcall.

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Skip to content. A spotted lanternfly circle trap is the latest weapon homeowners can use to fight the invasive insect. The circle trap can be purchased or made at home and uses mesh to funnel upward-climbing lanternflies into a container, where they get trapped and die.


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